Who Are We?

Longhorn Staffing Group aims to surpass expectations by revolutionizing staffing solutions. We prevent staff burnout and enhance career development by carefully selecting candidates to fill specific roles, offering housing and transport for out-of-state positions to ease transitions. This approach has proven successful, significantly improving employee retention and benefiting both companies and staff.


We offer efficient transportation solutions, utilizing vans to seamlessly transport our staff nationwide.


We provide staffing personnel to restoration service companies, swiftly replenishing their workforce needs with capable individuals ready to step in during critical periods or projects


We provide targeted staffing solutions, selecting skilled candidates for specific roles and supporting out-of-state hires with housing and transportation to ease their transition and enhance retention.


We provide comprehensive housing services, offering furnished accommodations that include essential amenities to support personnel in their new locations.


Case Study

Client: Graphic Packaging
Project: Hurricane Ida factory restoration.

In 2021 when one of our current clients “Graphic Packaging International” required 400 employees to rebuild and restore a factory that had been devastated by Hurricane IDA in Philadelphia. Our success was recruiting and transferring 400 people in just three days, as well as managing, coordinating and paying for not only their daily transportation but also their housing.

Restoration 100%
Demolition 100%
Construction 100%
Staffing 100%

As a standard, we love working with the most valuabe assets

Our Clients Say

Safisfied clients are always eager to share their positive experiences with others, here are some of their comments.

“As a Senior Manager in our packaging company, I can't stress enough how crucial Longhorn Staffing Group has been to our success. Since 2021, they've provided us with a consistent, dedicated workforce – a game-changer in our industry. The stability and continuity of their workers are invaluable, and we genuinely cherish our partnership with Longhorn Staffing. Their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability is exceptional, and we eagerly anticipate many more years of working together.”

Robert Gabe

Sr. Manager HRBP East Regional
Graphic Packaging International

"As the CEO of our restoration company, I want to highlight the exceptional reliability and effciency of Longhorn Staffing Group. Our collaboration with them has been truly outstanding. Their commitment to providing us with highly committed personnel, coupled with their rapid response when we require additional staffing, has been invaluable in our industry. We genuinely appreciate their dedication and look forward to continued fruitful collaboration."

Omar Arroyo

Project Manager
Restoration Management Company